Club Info

Dress Code

Country Club Casual

Collared shirts for men and appropriate dress for women is required. Nice jeans are acceptable (not ripped, torn, tattered, frayed or dirty). Proper Golf and Tennis attire is acceptable.

Not Acceptable

Cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops, tube tops, midriff baring attire, short shorts, cut-offs and inappropriate athletic attire including yoga pants, short athletic shorts, bike shorts, and warm-up suits unless inside the Fitness Rooms, Tennis Courts or Pool areas. For sports attire that violates the Club dress code, appropriate outerwear is required as a cover up.


Should be worn with the bill facing forward (not backwards) on the Golf Course, at the Grille and on the Patios. Hats are not acceptable inside the Clubhouse for gentlemen. Dressy Hats, religious or health related head coverings will be allowed for appropriate occasions.


Golf shoes, dress and casual shoes such as loafers and sandals are suggested footwear on Club grounds. 

Children's Dress Policy

For children under 12, we ask parents to encourage approprate dress while at the Club. Once children turn 12 years old, they are expected to comply with the adult dress code policies.

GOLF - To include Golf Course, Practice Facility, and Putting Green

Men's Dress Policy

Collared shirts only. Recommended tucked in. Long sleeve mock neck in winter. Slacks and Bermuda golf shorts. Hats with the bill forward.
No - Jeans, cargo shorts/pants, athletic shorts, bike shorts, t-shirts, and warm-up suits

Ladies' Dress Policy

Slacks, golf shorts, capris, skirts or skorts longer than fingertips.
Golf shirts, sleeveless blouses with collar or mock neck shirts are appropriate.
No - Tube tops, tank tops, midriff baring attire, denim blouses, t-shirts, short shorts, cut-offs, jeans, cargo shorts/pants, athletic shorts, bike shorts, yoga attire and warm-up suits