2024 Gold Bag Tag Certification Wednesday, May 15, 2024



2024 Gold Bag Tag Certification for Wednesday, May 15, 2024

What is a gold bag tag? A Gold bag tag is a certification tag that qualifies a junior golfer to practice and play at Eagle Brook without a parent or guardian present. 

How does a Junior earn a Gold bag tag? Junior golfers can earn a Gold Bag Tag by participating in the Certification Sessions, which is a four-week program that covers rules, etiquette, on course safety, etc. The final week of the Certification Session is a 9-hole playing qualifier in which the Golf Professional Staff observes each junior golfer to see if they are ready to be on the course by themselves. 

To qualify for a gold bag tag, a player must

1. Participate in the Gold Bag Tag Certification 

2. Observe the rules of golf and general golf course etiquette 

3. Play 9 holes in less than 2 hours and 10 minutes in a foursome 

4. Walk 9 holes while carrying his/her clubs 

5. Play 9 holes w/ a score of 65 or better 

** at discretion of Professional Staff ** 

6. Have a passing score on the Junior Certification Quiz 

***Any Junior that was certified in 2023, or before, does not have to be re-certified for the 2024 season, but are welcome to participate in the Certification Session*** 

What happens once a gold bag tag is earned? Once a junior golfer earns their Gold Bag Tag, they are allowed to practice and play at Eagle Brook without having a parent or guardian present (time restrictions may apply). Juniors that earn their Gold Bag Tag may graduate to the 9-Hole group in the Summer Junior Golf Program.


Establish a knowledge base in the mental side of the sport 

Develop full swing, short game, and putting skills to a higher level 

Learn the proper etiquette on the golf course 

Walk and carry golf bag in a timely manner as to not disturb other players 

Care for the golf course

Play without adult supervision 

Dates & Times: 

Spring Training Sessions take place on Wednesdays

April 24th ? 4:30pm ? 5:30pm 

May 1st ? 4:30pm ? 5:30pm 

May 8th ? 4:30pm ? 5:30pm 

May 15th ? 4:30pm ? 6:30pm 

Fee: $140 Full Golf Members $210 Non-Full Golf Member 

To sign-up please use this link.

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